Ex Prime Minister from Belgium Guy Verrhofstadt

Ex Eerste Minister van België Guy Verhofstadt

Roxeanne Hazes, famous Dutch singer - daughter of André Hazes

Famous actress Claudia Wells

from the ”Back To The Future” movie

Bekende actrice Claudia Wells

van de “Back to the Future” movie

Zanger Gene Thomas

en zangeres van K3 Kristel Verbeke

Journaliste van de RTBF Gaetane Vankerkom

Vice Premier Kris Peeters

en Denis Baccarelli

Directeur Communicatie

Joost Kaesemans van Febiac

Vice premier Kris Peeters en

afgevaardigd bestuurder van Febiac, Luc Bontemps

Actor James Tolkan

as "Mr Strickland"

from the movie "Back to the Future"

Claudia Wells and me

at Dutch Comic Con

Radio Contact " David Antoine"

Jean–Michel Lorenzi from Universal France

and me in Paris

Actor Christopher Lloyd in my “Delorean Time Machine“

during his photoshoot at FACTS 2015 in Gent

Actor and singer Harry Waters Jr

(Marvin Berry in The Back To The Future movie)

Actress Glaudia Wells

(Jennifer Parker

in de The Back To The Future movie)

Luq Hamett the translator in French

of Marty McFly,

with Claudia Wells and Harry Waters Jr